At White Center Chiropractic we offer a variety of adjustment techniques specifically tailored to your needs and preferences. Dr. Ian Davis is a Palmer graduate and specializes in adjusting by hand with the Palmer Diversified Technique. He is also certified in a specific instrument adjusting technique. It is a gentle method of adjusting the spine with a small, hand-held instrument for patients for those that prefer a lighter adjustment method. Dr. Davis is also very proficient in adjusting the extremities. He has helped many people with hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and wrist problems; including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Dr. Ian S. Davis making adjustments

Massage Therapy

Our three massage therapists are trained in a variety of techniques from injury specific therapeutic massage to relaxation massage. All three of our massage therapists are long term employees who take pride in helping our patients to the best of their abilities. Massage therapy can help to reduce healing time as well as improving healing quality when used in combination with chiropractic. Restoring proper alignment of muscle fibers is crucial in restoring balance and alignment to the entire musculoskeletal system after an auto accident, work injury, or years of poor posture. Massage therapy also has many other health benefits including increased blood flow through tissues, detoxification of tissues, and stress reduction. Dr. Ian Davis and our massage therapists can work with you to develop a plan for treatment of acute and chronic problems. We accept auto insurance and LNI for massage as well as self pay. Unfortunately we no longer take any commercial insurances. It is encouraged but not required that you receive chiropractic care in order to receive massage. Give us a call today, you won't be disappointed with our massage therapists!

Hydrotherapy / Hydromassage

At White Center Chiropractic we have a state of the art Aquamed Hydrotherapy Table. Hydrotherapy is a great way to receive the benefits of massage therapy in combination with heat, but in shorter timed sessions that treat the entire body. Hydrotherapy uses heated streams of water to massage the muscles of the entire back, arms, and legs; all without getting wet. The pressure and body areas massaged can be set to your needs or preferences. Benefits include increased blood flow to the tissues, detoxification of tissues, stretching of musculature, relief of pain and stiffness, and reduction of stress. Hydrotherapy can help to greatly reduce healing time in most acute injuries. It is also great for people with chronic pain, stiffness, tightness, or body toxicity.

Car Accidents

The human body is remarkable in its resiliency, but when it comes to auto accidents we are no match for the forces that are involved. Injuries to the neck have been demonstrated in multiple studies with impact speeds as low as 5-10 miles per hour! As many auto accident victims know, pain or stiffness often takes time to show up or be recognized after an accident. Sometimes people fail to even make the connection between a minor fender bender and pain that results days, weeks, or even months later. Pain and problems come as the function of the spine and muscles is changed by minor disturbances from an accident. This is why it is important to have your spine checked by a doctor of chiropractic after an automobile accident. Your spine houses your nervous system, the control center for the entire body.
If you have been in an accident, you should get checked as soon as possible by a chiropractor. Failure to do so could have a long term impact on your health. Dr. Ian Davis is an expert in rehabilitation of the spine from trauma such as that commonly suffered in an auto accident. He can help you to make the best recovery possible in order to get out of pain now and prevent problems in the future!

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